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Our Clients
   Alltel Information Systems
   A.N. Derringer
   Assn. of American Medical
   Bausch & Lomb
   Blackwell Publishing
   BlueCross BlueShield
   Brown Brothers Harriman
   Deloitte and Touche
   Rochester Democrat 
      & Chronicle
   Eastman Chemical
   Eastman Kodak Company
   General Railway Signal
   General Mills
   Grand Circle Travel
   Harris Communications
   Harvard Medical School
   Heidelberg Digital
   Jewish Home of Rochester
   John Hancock Funds
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   National Assn. of Realtors
   Paine Webber
   Philadelphia Newspapers
   PriceWaterhouse Coopers
   Rochester Chamber of
   Rochester Museum and
       Science Center
   Sara Lee Corporation
   Specialty Minera's
   Smith-Kline (Centocor)
   Texas Governor's Conference for Women
   Texas Instruments
   The Kellogg Foundatin
   U.S. Government
   University of California
   University of Michigan Medical
   University of Rochester
   U.S. Coast Guard
   Vitale, Cutrano, Inc.
   Wegman's Food Markets
   Wells-Fargo Bank
   World Bank
   Xerox Corporation
   Xerox European Research
      Centre (Grenoble FR)

Our Clients' Countries
   Pago Pago
   Puerto Rico
   The Netherlands

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About Well-Read

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Phone: (202) 362-4338

Dr. Phyllis Mindell

Dr. Phyllis Mindell founded and has led Well-Read since 1979, overseeing its growth into an international supplier of the world’s finest communications seminars and leadership development programs. Well-Read’s customers benefit from her commitment to meet their precise requirements swiftly and with measurable outcomes.

As an original thinker in her fields, she has written four books and dozens of articles, columns, and research papers on all aspects of leadership, language, and communications. Power Reading was selected one of the thirty best business books of the year and provides the foundation of all Well-Read’s reading seminars. She also wrote and produced the Reading Business video seminar. Her new book, How To Say It for Executives is a already helping leaders. A Woman’s Guide to the Language of Success, Communicating With Confidence and Power and How to Say It for Women, have sold over 100,000 copies and been translated into German, Chinese, and Arabic. In addition, Well-Read’s series of women’s seminars and speeches have enriched the lives of thousands all over the world. Phyllis’s message, that women can lead and succeed without compromising their femininity, integrity, or moral compass, shines as a beacon for women at every professional level.

An engaging, inspiring, and provocative speaker, she has keynoted and addressed such audiences as the Bryant College Women's Summit, Kodak's Northstar Network, Association of American Medical Colleges, Xerox International Women’s Conference, Kodak Managers’ Forum, State of Pennsylvania Leadership Development Institute, Society of Women Engineers, Chautauqua Institution, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, League of Women Voters, Georgetown and University of Michigan Medical Schools, Women’s Financial Services Network, and New England Business Women’s Association.

Well-Read and Dr. Mindell count among their clients Motorola, Texas Instruments, Paine Webber, Xerox, Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Corning, Xerox European Research Centre (France), PricewaterhouseCoopers, FISONS (Canada), Alltel (England), Harvard Medical School, Centocor, The New England, Grand Circle Travel, National Association of Realtors, and over a hundred other companies and professional groups. Individual clients come from nearly every country and all over the United States.

She earned the doctorate from the University of Rochester, the MS from City College of New York, and the BA from Brooklyn College. She has also done postdoctoral study in neurolinguistics, literature, and writing. Dr. Mindell was recently appointed adjunct professor at Georgetown Medical School.


About Well-Read

Well-Read designs and supplies advanced communications and leadership seminars. From our offices in Washington, DC and Rochester, NY. Our Family of Experts serves three major audiences: professionals and business people who must absorb and express ideas and information quickly, powerfully, and efficiently; leaders who must share their visions; and companies that must ready their workforces for the communications requirements of the digital era.

How Does Well-Read Serve Our Clients?

Our services include:

  •  Public seminars in our two home cities
  •  On-site seminars anywhere in the world
  •  Custom programs in our areas of expertise
  •  Private labeling for large corporations
  •  Speeches for major conferences
  •  Private coaching for executives

For more detailed information or a proposal, please email:
or call
(202) 362-4338.

Why Well-Read?

Do you hear words like these at your firm?

bullet I was just wondering...
bullet I’m the boss — you do what I want.
bullet I disagree with you...
bullet You’re wrong...
bullet I’m not really sure how I feel about this but it sort of sounds good.
bullet I feel this project is really very important.
bullet I don’t have enough time to finish that job.
bullet I expect you to do this now.
bullet I get bombarded by reading material.
bullet I have a Ph.D. but feel like a dummy when I have to lead my organization.
bullet I read perfectly well and immediately forget what it said.
bullet I know how you feel
bullet It takes me too long to write anything, then it doesn’t look right.
bullet I’d rather die than give a presentation.
bullet No one listens to anyone else around here.
bullet Our meetings start late, end late, and often end in rancor.
bullet My team acts like a kindergarten class.
bullet I’m so excited.
bullet She’s a good manager yet she remains a woman.

These sentences reflect the kinds of weak, poor, inefficient communications that crush your bottom line, poison your work atmosphere, interfere with your customer relationships, and speed the departures of your valued employees.

Business and professional people spend most of their work time reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This means that you spend most of your salary and benefit money on communications: if you add efficiency and power, you’ll see immediate, concrete benefits. Well-Read delivers those benefits through quality learning experiences.

Since 1979, Well-Read has researched, designed, and presented the world’s finest communications and leadership seminars. Contrary to the popular view that communication and leadership are "soft" skills, we assert the they are "hard," measurable, and essential if businesses are to succeed. Our programs differ from others in ways that ensure your employees learn more, learn faster, learn deeply:

  • Small classes
  • Research-based original programs
  • Extensive materials and resource packages
  • Pre- and post- individual consultations
  • Reduced classroom time
  • Guaranteed, measurable behavioral changes
  • Expert consultants — no generalist "instructors"
  • Special features such as transcript analysis, electronic support, and others created to speed and compress learning


Family of Experts (Partial Listing)

The Family of Experts includes specialists in all aspects of language, leadership, and communications: we have no generalist "instructors." This means that the consulting team on each job brings the specific skills that job demands. For example, a recent Leadership Week tapped experts in leadership, advanced reading, speech writing, film direction, audiovisuals, drama, and team communications.
Kathleen Barry Albertini
Senior Consultant
Kathi combines technical expertise with talent for communicating: student critiques applaud her excellence as an instructor, consultant, and workshop leader. She developed and runs the Professional Communications for Secretaries and Support Staff and Team Communications seminars and has led and assisted programs in effective business writing, presentation skills, developing and evaluating employees, defining and developing customer loyalty, building management and leadership skills, and learning organization disciplines.
Vicki Casaratt
Drama Coach
Vicki holds BA and MFA degrees in theatre arts and acting and has won numerous "Best Actress" awards. She brings ten years as a teacher of drama, scene study, voice and nonverbal communications to Well-Read's presentation skills classes.
Joanne Feierman
Grammar and Writing Consultant
Author of Action Grammar and a skilled teacher of writing, Joanne runs Well-Read Grammar and Upgrade and writing seminars.
Jennifer Hutchins
International Communications and Expatriate Consultant
A writer with broad experience in global communications, Jennifer enriches Well-Read seminars with her expertise in cross-cultural and expatriate language.
Marlene Maggio
Senior Image Consultant and Stylist
Marlene brings two decades of experience in every aspect of personal, photo, and video styling to prepare executives, political figures, and other Well-Read clients for public appearances and presentations.
Marvin I. Mindell
Senior Consultant
As an inventor, engineer, and product developer, Marvin brings special expertise in all aspects of visual presentation, audiovisual education and equipment, and nonverbal communications.
Ron Mix
An academy award nominee, Ron Mix directed Well-Read’s Power Reading video series and serves as our resident director and specialist in nonverbal communications. He has won many major film and cinematography awards.
Roberta Schwartz
Writing Consultant
A professional writer, editor, and art historian, Roberta assists at Well-Read’s writing seminars, prepares individual critiques, and supports our writing E-Seminars.


Recent and upcoming speeches: (Phyllis Mindell)

  • Giving Voice to Leadership NY State Association for Women in Administration
  • Clear Scientific Writing Georgetown Medical School
  • Language that Heals Georgetown Medical School
  • Language and Power: What We Learn From Charlotte's Web Bryant College Women's Summit, Northstar Network, MPI
  • A Developmental Approach to Leadership
  • Language as Hope University of Rochester
  • Running the World: A Guide to Leadership
  • The Language of the Scientific Presentation, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Power Reading, Boston Center for Adult Education
  • The Language of Leadership, American Association of Medical Colleges
  • Executive Writing, Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement
  • Clear Writing in the Sciences, Georgetown University Medical School
  • The Language of Instruction, American Society for Training & Development
  • Women, Language, and Power: A Global Perspective, Xerox Intl. Women's Conference,
  • On the Money: The Language of Success in the Financial World, Boston Financial Network,
  • The End of Babel: Toward a Global Language of Success, Bausch & Lomb
  • Business Conversations, Paychex Executive Development Program
  • Language for Women Who Lead, Greater Rochester Assn. Women Attorneys
  • Engineering Success, Society of Women Engineers Regional Conference
  • Governing and Leading Through Language, State of PA Leadership Development Institute,
  • Our Heroes, Ourselves: Leadership Lessons From the Matriarchs, NEWBO
  • Language That Leads: The Janus Principles, Well-Read
  • The Language of Successful Customer Relations, Bank of Boston
  • Women and Reading, Gannett Newspapers
  • Language for Women in the Executive Suite, Citibank Executive Forum
  • Toward a Humane Political Rhetoric, Republican Women's Club
  • The Language of Success, Women in Communications
  • Corporate Values and Corporate Reality, Eastman Kodak Managers' Forum
  • Aliteracy and Its Dangers, Chautauqua Institution
  • Luncheon Keynote Speaker, The Woman's Summit at Bryant College, Odyssey 2001